Step 4: The Homestudy

After you have successfully completed MAPP Training, your social worker will begin the process of conducting your homestudy. The purpose of the homestudy is to help you determine whether adopting a child with special needs is right for you and your family, and to help you identify your strengths and needs as a prospective parent. The homestudy process also represents an opportunity for you to speak with your social worker at length about your thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams for adoption. Your social worker will meet with you and with everyone in your household. Prospective parents will be asked to share information about their life experiences, and to consider how those might shape their role as adoptive parents. Your social worker may also wish to speak with any children in the home about their feelings about having a new child join the family.

As part of the homestudy process, you will also be asked to provide personal references, medical references, employment references and educational references for any school-aged children in the family. Once your social worker has gathered all the necessary information, a written adoption homestudy will be completed. You will be provided with a copy of your homestudy.