Got Luggage to Donate? Send It Our Way!


Recently we received a very generous offer of a donation of three suitcases in good condition. We were very excited about this offer, because we’re always in need of luggage in good condition! Many of our clients need luggage, whether they’re kids moving from a foster home into an adoptive home or a family moving into a better apartment. If you have luggage you’d like to donate that has no holes, no broken zippers or wheels and is in generally good condition, please send it our way!

Other essential items we’re always happy to receive are strollers, pack-n-plays, and car seats that have at least one year before they expire. We don’t accept expired car seats as donations. We also love to receive gently used toys and playsets that would enrich our Family Room, where we host supervised visits between parents and children while those children are in foster care. We always want to offer those families as positive an experience as possible, so we work hard to keep our Family Room a fun and safe space to be in.

If you’d like to make a donation or have any questions about making donations, get in touch! Email or call 857-453-4282.