Generous Red Sox Ticket Donation Brings IFC Family to the Ballpark

This week our friend Jack Hauswirth at Cleanco Maintenance Corp generously donated tickets to last night’s Red Sox game against the LA Angels to CFCS. We gave those tickets to an Intensive Foster Care family who was very excited about seeing the Sox play. This is the second time this year Jack and Cleanco have donated tickets for a family to have a great experience at one of Boston’s major sports venues. Thank you, Jack and Cleanco for thinking of our families!


Tickets for fun experiences like sports, live theater, live music, movies or amusement parks mean a lot to our families. At CFCS, we wish we could give our families tickets to all the fun things they wanted to go to, but we often can’t. Donations from local businesses and business leaders like Jack at Cleanco allow us to provide not just the baseline of good care for our families; they help us go above and beyond to brighten their lives in as many ways as we can.

If you’d like to donate tickets to our families, email or call 857-453-4282 today.