How Accessible is Adoption and Foster Care?

So you want to raise a child. You want to impact a life for the better. And maybe you’ve already heard: over 10,000 children in Massachusetts need a foster or adoptive home. You think adoption or foster care might be right for you – but you’re not sure if you’re right for adoption or foster care. Maybe you don’t own a home, or maybe you’re single. Maybe you’re a first-generation immigrant, or maybe you’re genderqueer. We’re here to tell you right now: if you think adoption or foster care is right for you, then no matter who you are, you are right for CFCS.

Every month of the year, we encourage anyone interested in providing a home for a child or teen in foster care to apply to our Adoption and Intensive Foster Care programs. We work with single adults as well as with married or partnered couples. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are welcome at CFCS, as are families of any racial, ethnic or religious background. Both renters and homeowners are eligible to adopt, and we do not have a minimum income requirement – families are just required to have a stable source of income that will adequately provide for a child. There are no fees to adopt a child from foster care. Both US citizens and immigrants with proper documentation are eligible to foster and adopt.

We know that no one can raise a child alone. When you foster or adopt a child or teen who has experienced trauma, you need specialized education and support so that you can in turn provide the support and understanding each child needs. Our adoption and IFC social workers can be with you every step of the way. We understand the complexities and challenges of the foster care and adoption processes. We know that it’s a little different for every family. But we celebrate those differences, and we welcome yours.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent today, contact Nicole Purcell at or 857-453-4061.

If you’d like to become an adoptive parent, contact Grace Steele at or 857-453-4062.