CFCS at the Statewide Permanency Learning Community Gathering

Last week, our colleagues at Walker and Plummer Youth Promise hosted the Statewide Permanency Learning Community Gathering at the College of the Holy Cross. The event featured five different breakout workshops for social workers across Massachusetts to discuss and learn new ways of advancing permanency efforts.

Our Executive Director Bob Gittens sat on the panel for “Organizational Vision, Mission, and Partnerships,” which was moderated by James Lister, Executive Director of Plummer, and Gene Takahashi, President and CEO of Walker. Our Permanency Coordinator Mary Ann Cronin and Deputy Director Noreen Dolan sat on the panel for “Data Collection, Tracking and Monitoring,” moderated by Sarah Morrill of Plummer.

It was wonderful to connect with our colleagues at peer organizations to discuss strategies and ways of moving forward. We are always thinking about ways to change and improve our permanency practices, and are grateful to be able to do so with other like-minded organizations. Thank you to Walker and Plummer for hosting this productive event!