Tara and Eric President Win the Vivienne Campbell Award

Each year, CFCS’s Intensive Foster Care (IFC) Program presents the Vivienne Campbell Award to a deserving foster parent who demonstrates the high standards of care of Vivienne Campbell, a foster parent who worked with CFCS for more than 20 years prior to her passing in 2015. Vivienne provided care and support to countless youth in her community and encouraged many of her friends and relatives to become foster parents, creating a network of loving, caring homes to assist youth when they are most in need. We are thrilled to announce that the recipients of the 2019 Vivienne Campbell Award are Tara and Eric President.

Tara President with IFC Program Director Jillian Nebesar and IFC Social Worker Hannah Bowe

Tara President with IFC Program Director Jillian Nebesar and IFC Social Worker Hannah Bowe

Tara and Eric have been foster parents with CFCS for about 10 years and have provided care to 23 youth so far. They began their foster care journey serving pre-adolescent teen girls, then young women and now young men. The Presidents were selected by the family of Vivienne Campbell to win this award due to their passion for fostering and their dedication to the youth they invite into their families. The Presidents also excel at connecting with the families of the children they work with and helping to ensure that the youth have permanent, supportive life-long connections. The Presidents have remained in contact with the vast majority of youth who have stayed with them, wishing them happy birthdays and sending gifts on holidays. The youth invite them to participate in major life events and reach out to seek advice and support from them through life’s challenges.

Additionally, the Presidents have formed a support group for foster parents and serve as mentors to new foster parents and those who need support in navigating permanency efforts. They are always eager to assist youth in need and to help the IFC program. These are all qualities that Ms. Vivienne embodied, and we’re so appreciative to have a family such as the Presidents to continue this important work. Congratulations to Tara and Eric for this well-deserved recognition!

Tara and Eric had this to say about winning their award:

“We are so very humbled to have received such an award for something we have always viewed as team work. It is a blessing! We always remember in training that this is a thankless job – our ‘thank you’ has always been seeing each child do better. As you know, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But that never stops our efforts. So we like to think that we didn't win this alone. This award is for all foster parents and all the support they receive. It does take a village. So thank you all! Especially all the staff at CFCS. We don't know how we could have done it without you. And to the other foster parents who are also very deserving of this award we would like to say, let's judge our success by what we can do together.”

Tara and Eric were recognized for their good work at the 26th Annual Circle of Friends Gala, and received their award at the 2019 Foster Parent Appreciation Brunch.