We currently offer two models of parenting courses:
Parenting Journey (PJ) and Parenting in America (PIA). Both follow a 12-week, 2-hour curriculum, with dinner and childcare provided at every session.

Parenting Journey
PJ offers an opportunity for parents to develop themselves as nurtured and nurturing people, capable of making responsible and informed choices in rearing their children.  PJ focuses on promoting attitudes which enhance good parenting: respect, helping each other, listening with empathy and being curious.

Parenting in America
PIA is a model which immigrant parents share their immigration experiences, honor their cultural strengths, and use new strategies to confront the challenges of adapting to living in the US and raising their children in two cultures.  The PIA curriculum address such topics as the balance of power in the family; learning to navigate systems and connect with resources that are important to, or can improve their lives; and staying healthy in a stressful environment.

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