FSS Client Testimonials

“I want to thank you guys for helping my family.  In my experience with CFCS it was awesome.  CFCS helped with so many things, like our communication, spending more time together and activities that we can do.  Before our family lacked communication and didn’t spend time together but after our families communication was much better and we spend so much time together now.”

“My daughter’s [social] worker is amazing and will be missed; he is an awesome person to work with and helped my daughters in ways he will never know. My [social] worker is 100% genuine, she always gave me guidance and helped me realize its ok to need help and ask for help.  My family is very sad we can’t work with them anymore.  I will truly miss them very much and will never forget the strength they gave me to keep going even when I felt hopeless.  Thank you guys so much.”

“Before I started my visits and the Parenting Journey at CFCS I was hopeless and impatient, I just wanted my son back.  The staff who supervised my visits and ran the parenting journey class were so compassionate, they really wanted to help.  In the PJ class I learned how to communicate with my son and be a better mom to him.  Today I have full custody of my son!  Thank you to CFCS for being a part of my journey!”

“Prior to CFCS Supported Visits starting, my daughter had not seen her father for 1 ½ years.  There was obviously a great deal of anxiety associated with them starting for my daughter especially and myself.  The staff was absolutely amazing with providing a sense of safety and compassion to my daughter during this difficult time.  Because of this she was feeling more at ease about the visits and knew she had the support that she needed.”

“The FSS team has helped me a lot both physically and emotionally.  Without their support my life would have been a lot more difficult to manage. Thank you very much for your excellent work.”

“This has been a great experience for us. Not only did they help my granddaughter learn to accept help, they taught us how to parent her in a better way. This has been a huge help for us as a family.”