The agency’s mission is to identify and implement ways to strengthen family and individual self-sufficiency and promote conditions that provide all children and youth with stable homes and positive community environments. We often describe our mission as simply to serve children and strengthen families.

Core Values and Beliefs

Our vision is a world that works for all children, regardless of their circumstances. We believe that all children deserve to live and grow within a family—preferably the one they were born into, and when that is not possible, in a loving family that will commit to being a permanent life-long resource for them. We value families’ strengths and work to help them identify and articulate what is best for their children. We honor the extraordinary generosity of families that open their homes and hearts to foster or adopt children with nowhere else to turn. We believe further that healthy competent families who put their children’s care and protection above all else, do so within the context of their communities, and we work towards strong healthy communities that have the will and the resources to embrace and support families and their children—and keep them safe.

How We Work

To fulfill on its mission CFCS provides specialized services and programs responsive to the most pressing needs of children, youth and families, working in close collaboration with other community partners to achieve the best outcomes. CFCS is an advocate for children, youth and families, and works to assure that each individual has access to the resources and services they need to become independent and productive members of the community. The effectiveness of our work depends entirely upon the contributions of a vibrant network of dedicated staff, foster parents, adoptive parents, student interns, mentors and volunteers who drive our programs and deliver our services.


CFCS’ services are supported with funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Cambridge, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, grants from corporations and foundations, and the generosity of local businesses and individual donors.


60 Gore Street
Cambridge, MA